Don’t be afraid to Lift!!

By Dalia Lamming-Tilly on March 30th In Uncategorized

On the LEFT (19 year old soccer player and eating crap) on the RIGHT (36 years , eating clean and weight-training) So yes getting older is inevitable but we can all hope to age with grace!! You are literally what you eat!!! Your #NUTRITION is everything in this lifestyle ✔️✔️✔️. You CANNOT OUT RUN BAD EATING HABITS!! It eventually catches up!!! So you have to decide IF YOU REALLY WANT CHANGE THEN YOUR NUTRITION HAS TO CHANGE ALSO. And for those who think your athletic days or good genes will hold you all the way!! Think again!! After thirty I saw all sorts of changes in my body!! Things I never thought could happen. Ladies, (and men) you have to actually #WEIGHTTRAIN because the body loses muscle mass as you get older… If you are just doing cardio its not enough to maintain a nice muscular, well sculpted, built body that you want or once had. Think of your muscles like #BALOONS #WeightTraining keeps this balloons inflated!!! It’s what keeps you looking tight and younger. So Don’t be afraid to lift!!! It’s does not matter if you have never weight-trained before… You can start now!!! We can help you in .#joinourmovement #itsNeverTooLate #makeThatChangeToday #dontBeAfraidtoLIFT
#keepsThoseBallonsinflated #cleaneatingandexercise #caroanddaliaandthemovementbeginsdalia old and new

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  • Thea Jackson on May 6th, 2015

    Wow you look amazing!!