Why Water is LIFE!

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Now this is the real reason we require you to drink at least one gallon of water per day for life, water is the single most important component in losing fat and keeping it off. I’m sure you’ve heard that right… If you’re not drinking enough water, your nutrition will, without question be far less effective in transforming your body, it amazes me how folks will record exact calories, carbs, protein and fats but don’t know how much water they’re consuming. Our bodies are made up of over 80% of water, 80% simply means WE ARE WATER. we cannot survive without it, NEVER.

You need water to:

  • Digest your food, dissolving nutrients so that they can pass through the intestinal cell walls into your bloodstream, and move food along through your intestinal tract.
  • Carry waste products out of your body.
  • Speeds up your metabolism.
  • Provide a medium in which biochemical reactions such as metabolism (digesting food, producing energy, and building tissue) occur.
  • Send electrical messages between cells so that your muscles can move, your eyes can see, your brain can think, and so on.
  • Regulate body temperature — cooling your body with moisture (perspiration) that evaporates on your skin.
  • Lubricate your moving parts.

Water is not only a natural appetite suppressant, but it actually helps the body metabolize stored fat. When the body does not have a good supply of water to draw from to perform required physiological tasks, it will draw water from inside the bodies cells, including fat cells, in order to perform the desired tasks. In addition one of the most common misconceptions is that drinking water cause water retention. But truth is the exact opposite. Lack of water causes water retention. The reason for this is that the body perceives the shortage when it is provided with less than it needs thus causing what is commonly referred to as “survival mode”, retaining every least drop that it can, so drink your water and think of your body like a water fall, do you what happens to a river the never flows? it turns mossy, slimy and green, it smells awful and all sorts of unknown creatures live in it, if you don’t constantly replace your body with new water everyday, you risk your health, you are putting yourself in a position for so much diseases, so drink that gallon of water daily without question, the more your body gets used to you drinking your gallon, it becomes easy and your body will yearn for water, so when you think of skipping your water DON’T!



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