Karlene’s Journey

Karlene Monique Jordan

I started my journey with CCC in November 2012 in my first two weeks I dropped 2 sizes and my blood pressure was regularized. I have always clocked 100kgs after the birth of my son over 3 years and I have struggled with my weight. I started becoming very depressed as I started finding difficulty shopping for clothes I usually ended up in tears in stores after realizing how overweight and unhealthy I had become so I made up my mind as I am approaching 40 I really needed to make a lifestyle change as I have hypertension, diabetes and cancer in my family. When I first started CCC it wasn’t very hard for me as I had already started eating a bit healthier the hard part was drinking the gallon of water a day whew! But I slowly got accustomed as I made up my mind that I got to get rid of my eyesore, the baby pocket. It been 3 months since I have started CCC and I’m down to 85kgs as I have only really stared pushing myself at gym by the end of March I’m looking to be 70kgs or less. CCC ahs truly changed and my life and in hind sight they also saved my life as I no longer suffer from hypertension. God bless Carolyn and Dalia for giving their time for months freely to the CCC group on Facebook you both are truly amazing! #CCCtothe world.