Janel’s Journey



Yes Dalia, I cant wait to meet you! I do travel to NY a few times a year, and I would love to meet you and Carolyn. It is so crazy, after I posted my pic, I received sooo many messages from CCC folks (mostly newbies) telling me how I am inspired them and it made me emotional. They wanted to know what did I do, I a merely said, I trusted the process for the last 10 weeks and while I may not have been as vocal in the group or post as much as everyone else, I stayed the course and encouraged them to do the same. I guess I do understand why I give them hope though; I realize that I represent the average joe/jane – with weight problems, esteem issues possible health problems, and when they see me, someone who was in this for a permanent lifestyle change, it makes them know it is possible. That they can be healthy and fit too, no matter what weight or age they are. You guys have opened my eyes to so much, the more I learn from you the more I want to know about how to live a healthy life. The more I want to do better and I strive for that every week, to go further or do better than the last week – that really helps keep me focused. And it was my pleasure to give encouraging words to our CCC family that inquired, I support this movement 1000% and will tell anyone who asks that if I can do it, they can too!!