Hope’s Journey

Hope Our Love Last

January 31

I am so thankful for this opportunity to be able to be one of the ones giving inspiration to others. Many times I was the one reading success stories of people who lost lbs and reading how they did it. All I can say I’ve been working on my self since 2011 Joined the gym, went maybe 5 times in 2011. 2 times in January 2012. Started back hard again in January2013. Stop eating lots of different things- the 6 months before Miami carnival in 2013. But I still hung out and drank like a fish. Met Carolyn Gomez and Dalia Lamming-Tilly in carnival and I was like whoa! God damn they fine! My sister Priorities Shanika Straight hooked me up with teamccc and I started from day1. I trusted the process! I worked hard. I was in that gym 3-5 times a week. The other days I couldn’t make it, I downloaded the workouts to do them at home. People kept giving me the negative “oh girl stop have a piece of cake” “girl well c how long this gonna last!” “Girl you really gonna give up the Ciroq”. Well I blocked all of that out. Took my vitamins, drank my gallon of water, chuck down that nasty cottage cheese that I actually like now, got rid of my sugar in my coffee n tea, and ate these meals! Oh and by the way my lovely boys were my coaches along the way. “Umm mommy you can’t have that”!

So trust me if I can get the results working as a store manager 5-6 times a week. Being a single mom. Checking homework. Cooking 2 sets of foods one for me and one for the boys. So can you! Good luck ccc newbies! Never give up! There’s only 1 you! TRUSTTHEPROCESS #teamccc #caroanddalia #trusttheprocess #lovelife #loveyourself #motivateothers #leadbyexample